The Royal Bukhara Cuisine at Khiva

Khiva is a city in Uzbekistan. It is famous for walled inner town, Itchan kala, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Khiva, restaurant in phoenix market city, brings the authenticity of the royal Bukhara cuisine to Pune. Royal Bukhara cuisine incorporates the slow cooking process where timing is very important to acquire for the dish to acquire the taste. Every dish of the Bukhara cuisine goes through many processes before coming on to the table.

After tantalising the taste buds of Mumbai they came to Pune. I was pretty excited when I was called for the tasting at Khiva.


Khiva has some brilliantly done entrance which draws its inspiration from the royal touch. As you go in you will experience the whole new world waiting to comfort you with their food. Whole place is lit with dim golden lights. All the tables and chairs were well arranged with all necessary cutlery needed for the dinner.

Also, they have an open kitchen where you can see Chefs hustle and bustle to placate your hunger.


Before coming to Khiva, I heard that they serve brilliant biryanis and Kebabs. Rice lover in me was excited after hearing the statement.

They serve tricolour Namakpara as complimentary on all tables with 6 different dips until your order arrives.

Bloggers were flowing in on the table, so were the dishes. They had a set menu for us from which we were served the delicacies.


It looked similar to that of spring rolls. Rolls were golden and crispy outside and had cheese & grated mushroom mixture. The combination didn’t go well but it did tasted good with the dips


This was aesthetically prepared dish. It did catch everyone’s attention as soon as it arrived on the table. It was vegetable kebab served with fried vermicelli on the top. This was the best vegetable kebab I have had in recent times.


Tandoor grilled chicken pieces were laced with edible silver foil. I found chicken pieces to be undercooked and didn’t continue further.


Large paneer cubes marinated in yogurt and made in pure ghee. Cubes were char-grilled at the edges. Paneer was soft and tasted well when had with the green chutney. I loved softness and taste of this dish.


Tandoori aloo stuffed with filling which was sweet and had pomegranates in it. Outer part of potato was grilled till it attained the crispiness to it. Somehow the dish didn’t impress us with the texture of taste it had.


Char-grilled Juicy lamb chops and Nalli marinated in kachiri. Mutton had the tangy and peppery taste. I really loved the way it was presented and well it didn’t disappoint with the taste either.


Firstly the dish had funny name and then the presentation. Chicken was bought in the large sword size skewer. Chicken had the perfect blend of spices with hint of garlic but was overcooked.


This was the best paneer dish they presented so far. It had the base curry of capsicum, onion and tomato. This is the best veg dish they have on the menu.

In mains we were served two gravies viz. MURGH PESHAWARI and LAHORI GHOST. DAL KHIVA accompanied SUBZ BIRYANI and CHICKEN DUM BIRYANI.

Dal khiva is their speciality with blob of butter. Black lentils were used and as the Bukhara cuisine demands the slow cooking was done same with the dal. I, somehow, did not like the much tanginess of the dal. They can reduce amount of tomatoes to make it taste better.

Murgh Peshawari and Lahori Ghost were best among the non-veg curries. It did the best to impress all and finish the whole bowl among us.

They take their preparation really serious and it did come out in this biryani. Both biryanis were best where long morsels of rice cooked to perfection. Vegetables were cooked with the right amount of spices whereas in the chicken dum biryani it lacked a bit and the chicken pieces were not covered properly with taste of all the spices.


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