Snack time at Nakshatra Snacks and Dining

Peth areas in Pune is where sarcasm originates from. People here are very sensitive when it comes to their city and food, of course.

The palate of people around Pune is definitely not on a spicier side, they prefer their food less spicy.

Amidst Sadashiv peth is a small snacks place called Nakshatra Snacks and dining which serves some delicious snacks and has lip smacking menu for peeps around.

Recently I was called for a food tasting at the place and I swear this place has got the guts to serve and compete with other Snacks centers around.

First in our plate was Sabudana Wada which they serve only during fasts. We were lucky as it was fast day.
It was perfectly fried. Golden crisp encompassing the perfectly cooked soft Sabudana. It was served with coconut chutney which was damn tasty and it really enhanced the taste of sabudana wada when it is dipped in it.

After the delicious treat of sabudana wada came on our table was Batata wada with coconut chutney. Damn! Even this tasted perfect. I was going through the queue of tastes which was treat for my taste buds. Again the perfection with the potatoes filling and the outer fried part. Highly recommended.

And then the dream of many punekar “Misal” came in front of us. Matki base rassa topped with onion and sev. Yes, Sev! And it tasted really good. Some extra seva, onions and rassa were served along side.

Kat Wada was another dish which came in after Misal. The wada was same as earlier and same base as of misal. Yes, the combination turned out to be yum and I really liked the way it hinted the spice after the wada taste.

With this we ended our delicious evening with our tummies extra full with the taste of happiness.

A big shout out to Mr. Shivam and Team Nakshatra Snacks for hosting us and thank you Maanas Shah for extending invite.


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