Sapna Thali – Khai Peene Jalsa

Being a Gujarati I tell you that we are fond of 3 things i.e. Food, Money and travel. Our ultimate aim is “Khai Peene Jalsa” (Eat, Drink and Fun). Food being the highest priority is what we crave for every single hour. Well, TBH we don’t actually crave for tasty food but we do have our own version, Saras Jamvanu (which means tasty and satisfying food).

We have many food items included in our daily routine and yes we have those daily without being bored. Our every meal is multiple course meal which includes Chutney, Wada, Pickle, Papad, 2 or 3 different Sabji, Rice, Roti, Buttermilk, etc.

During travel or any outside visit we do look for something similar. And if we see Gujarati Thali written we do enter the restaurant for sure.

Coming to the point, I recently was invited for tasting Gujarati Thali at Sapna’s Thali and Banquets, JM road, Pune.


A few meters walk is needed from the main road to the main restaurant.  A typical family ambiance with nice cushion chairs and sofas along the walls. Instrumental flute playing in the background. Staff welcomes you as soon as you enter the premises of the restaurant. Simple and Sober!

Before you start eating waiters will give you wet napkins so that your efforts to wash basins will be minimized.


As it was a thali tasting it was obvious that many items will be served and hence we waited until everything was served.

Following Food items were served to us:

  1. Buttermilk (Chaas)
  2. Tamarind Chutney (Aamli ni Chutney)
  3. Mint Chutney (Pudina ni Chutney)
  4. Roasted Papad
  5. Pickle
  6. Sabudana Wada
  7. Ameri Khaman
  8. Fried Cabbage mixture (Kobi no Sambharo)
  9. Chapati (Fulka)
  10. Bajra Bhakri (Bajra no rotlo)
  11. Papad Sabji (Papad nu shaak)
  12. Rajma Sabji (Rajma nu shaak)
  13. Potatoes Sabji (Bateka nu shaak)
  14. Undhiyu (Gujarat Special sabji)
  15. Steamed Rice (Bhaat)
  16. Rajgira Khichdi
  17. Dal
  18. Kadhee
  19. Dudhi Halwa
  20. Bottled water

All the above food items had the authenticity of Pure Gujarati taste.

The  Manager and Waiters were always around so that everyone left the restaurant with an inflated tummy.

Overall it was a very good experience with the taste of food they served and their quick service.

Thank you Maanas Shah for the invite, Karan Sharma and Team Sapna Thali for the wonderful experience.

Some More Information about the place:


srcThe Savage Lens


Parking: Road Side parking for 2 & 4 wheeler available

Operation Hours: 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM, 7 PM to 11 PM daily

Average Cost: INR 500 for 2 (Exclusive of taxes and charges)

Address: Beside Sambhaji Park, JM Road, Pune.


  • I was called for the Complementary food tasting at the restaurant.
  • These are my personal views. You are most welcome to accept or deny on the same

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