Royal Lush at Royal China

Chinese is one of my loved cuisines since childhood. It always comes to my rescue whenever I try to satisfy my hunger pangs.

And when I received an invite from Royal China, I was too excited as they serve authentic Chinese food. They are located inside Westin hotel as one of their integral restaurants.


They have got a nice cozy ambiance. Beautifully done interiors resemble Chinese decors. Perfectly arranged tables and chairs around the restaurant will make you comfortable while you relish your food. They have a full in-house bar and a television for your entertainment.

Another attraction is their staff. All the male and female staff were wearing Chinese style clothing. They were very helpful and friendly.



As I said, they serve authentic Chinese food.

For drinks, we ordered fresh lime soda with salt which was perfect as per our palate.

Chicken Clear Soup:

Soup is said to be a healthy diet. Veggies gave flavor to the piping hot soup along with tender chicken and mushroom in it. You just cannot expect for a better start to your meal than this.


Hot and Sour Soup:

This is one of the classical options in veg which I am hogging on for years. You just cannot expect anything more from it apart from being classy and delicious. Yes, this exceeded my expectations. It was so perfectly done that you can get the taste of most of the ingredients in it.


Fried Soft Corn Curd:

Well, it had nothing curd in it but it was made as soft as curd and hence the name. Mashed corn was used to make it into diamond cut pieces. They were extremely soft, delicate and delicious. Very less / no oil used which made it healthy enough. It was served with green coriander chutney.

Golden Fried Prawns:

Big size prawns were used to prepare this delicacy. They were crispy outside and soft inside. The only issue here was the smell of prawns which was taking away the beauty of the dish.


Salt & Pepper Tofu:

Wow! What a dish. Extremely soft tofu covered with yellowish salt and pepper coating. Keep the spoon on it and it will cut down the piece with zero efforts. It was brilliant when it came to taste. Capsicum, bell peppers, onions, chilies were served with them on the side.


Chicken Shanghai Dumpling:

This was filled with minced chicken and little soup. This was the star which really took us to heaven. Highly recommended.


Steamed vegetable dumpling with coriander:

This dumpling had the aesthetics to impress you. Transparent covering through which you can see chopped vegetable stuffing. I couldn’t agree more to the fact that this was another star of our meal being a vegetarian dish.


Vegetarian Fukien Fried Rice:

I love rice to the core of my heart. And this is the best thing I love about Asian cuisine, rice and curries. You can kidnap me by offering rice. I almost had more than half of the dish served to us. Rice were perfectly done and so were the veggies which were tossed in soya sauce. The combination was perfect for me and my maties. This was the only dish which was finished till the end.


Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce:
This dish did disappoint us. It was too oily. Also, chicken pieces in pepper sauce were not that spicy as they should be (chef explained that in Chinese cuisine it is not spicy). Not a recommended option.


Prawns in kung pao sauce:

Again, the prawns were smelly here. Apart from that, green onion, red chilis, garlic, water chestnuts, cashew nuts, and peanuts were mixed along with the prawns in the sauce. Again, not a recommendation from my side


Steamed chocolate bun:

This is the authentic Chinese dessert with a twist of chocolate in it. Steamed buns were filled with hot chocolate inside. This was the most loved dish on the table. The perfect dish to end your meal with.


Thank you Urvi Patel for inviting and Team Royal China for hosting us.


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