Quick wok at Chop Chop, Aundh

Life has taken a pace these days and everyone is in utter hurry for everything they do. Fast growing phase of life demands everything very quickly. Due to this the concept of Quick Service Restaurant came into the picture.

I recently visited a QSR names Chop Chop. Chop Chop” refers to “hurry, hurry” and means something should be done now, advance and without any delay. Well, I must say they remain true to their words. Their main branch is in KP which is only delivery outlet, while in Aundh, they have both dine-in and delivery.

Chinese has always been my most loved food since I was a child. Using wok for tossing the noodles with our choice of toppings and sauce is such a relish.


They have exciting décor inside with one of the walls full of glass where you can see the outside hustle and bustle, while adjacent to it has brilliantly done designs which show people relishing delicious street food and enjoying with their companions.

They have an open kitchen where you can see how they are preparing your food and the fresh ingredients they put inside. They have two types of seating inside the restaurant, one with normal heights while another high-rise bar-type tables and chairs.

The place has surely got some positive vibes for sure which definitely awake the Bakasur in you.



You just go to the counter and can order your delicacy. Then you can sit back and relax with some music played in the background while your favourite dish is being prepared.

And, in no time, your dish will arrive. They do justice to the name and the concept which they follow.

Cheers to the summer as we started off with some mood refreshing and rejuvenating Lemon Ice Tea and Berry Ice Tea.

We were all hungry and to the rescue came fries. The Vietnamese Loaded Fries were just amazing. A quick and easy snack for your game day spread. These Vietnamese loaded fries are topped with 3 different sauces, peanuts, and cilantro. They’re a new way to serve up French fries that everyone is going to LOVE! You can’t eat just one!

And the time for some Dim sum.

First on the table were Exotica Vegetarian dim sums. Green colour outer covering encapsulating finely chopped veggies which were cooked to the perfection.

Chicken and Basil Dumplings tasted best when served hot. You can relish the taste of chicken and basil, which turned out to be the flawless combination.

Chicken Sui Mai turned out to be low on our rating scale. Somewhere it lacked the taste and we were not impressed much with those dumplings. As my blogger friend said “these are for them who are unwell and need some light meal to hog upon.”

But, Prawn Sui Mai did not disappoint us. It had Minced prawn filling and spring onion was used as topping to this dim sum. It was tasty enough to order once again.

Chicken Spring rolls made the star entry to the table. Nothing is more soothing than having authentic Chinese dish. Outer part was perfectly golden and crisp. Inside soft filling consisted of galangal, Thai basil, chilli and chopped chicken. It was served with fiery hot sauce.

Cheese & Jalapeno Spring rolls were ordered in the vegetarian. Outside was perfectly golden and crisp while filling had more of cheese and less of jalapeno which they need to work upon.

For someone with large appetites they have two dishes Thai Green Curry and Malaysian Kari.

They have the best Thai Green Curry. It had very strong flavours and perfectly done prawns. They were high on flavours and tasty. Loved it!

Malaysian Kari was the veg dish with lot of veggies in it and very unique orange curry which was flavourful.

We enjoyed both the dish to the fullest. The only feedback here was the quantity of rice was less compared to that of curry.

And, finally, it was time to prepare customized Wok Box.

1st we need to choose base: We choose “Wheat Noodles” as base.

2nd we need to choose greens: We opted “zucchini, onion, bean sprouts and cashew nut”

3rd the sauce needs to be chosen: We choose Hong Kong Kung pao sauce.

And 4th we go for some condiments: Here, we opted peanuts, fried onions and coriander.

We had ordered a Veg Wok which had a broccoli base. All the ingredients were tossed in wok pan with our choice of sauce while the condiments were added as toppings. The quantity of the wok was sufficient for a person with good appetite. It was my first time I had a wok box and I loved the way everything was served and tasted.

All the dishes were served in ready to deliver packing’s and only curries were served in dine-in plates.


Thank you so much Sasha Anand for extending the invite and Team Chop Chop for having us over a delicious meal.


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