Hogging at Dakshin Rasoi

It has been a while I went out to a restaurant to try out some new stuff. Well, being a south Indian food fan I started with Dakshin Rasoi situated at season’s mall in hadapsar.

The outlet first tried their hand in Mumbai later their success they decided to expand and now they are here in Pune.

Excited we visited for the morning breakfast which actually turned out to be our brunch.

They are located at the 3rd food court of the mall.


Well, the seating is common food court one. Hygiene is maintained at the tables and the outlet counters.


I must say they have a lot of variety to serve. A normal person with basic south Indian dishes knowledge will know exactly what to order and will be aware of all the dishes on the menu. Apart from some regular dishes, they have some fusion versions of regular one’s which definitely are worth trying.

Also, every dish was served with 3 different chutney viz. Saffron coloured tomato chutney, white coloured coconut chutney and green chutney made of cilantro and green chillies. Served together symbolized Indian Tri-Colour. I felt this as very patriotic and unique way of serving and showing love towards the nation and its cuisine.

We tried following dishes:

Plain Idli:

The regular fluffy rice cake made out of steamed batter. It was served with tri-colour chutney. They had become sticky may be we took so much time taking their photos due to which they turned sticky. But the taste didn’t compromise for sure. It was typical and tasted good.

Tadka Idli:

The fusion version of typical Idli is tadka Idli. Idli after making were tossed in Indian spices and given the crack of dawn. With those perfect combinations of spices it tasted so good that we all finished it in no time.

Dahi Idli:

Again they tried doing something with the regular idil but this time I really didn’t like the concept of mixing idli with sweetened masala curd. It was just the taste of curd which made dish better. With Idli in it I would not prefer ordering it.

Medu Wada:

This was the most amazing and most loved dish on the table. The crispy outer and soft inner side was perfectly maintained by them. It was so perfect that I would have loved eating it without sambhar or chutney. It is highly recommended.

Masala Dosa:

The crispy spread of rice batter made to perfection and served with delicious potato and onion sabji. Chutney and sambhar were added advantage to the overall taste.

Mysore Masala Dosa:

Inner side of crispy dosa was applied with special mysore masala and was served with the same sabji, sambhar and chutney. I am very big fan of mysore masala and I swear this was way better than other mysore masala and the normal masala dosa. This is highly recommended.


Rice batter given pan cake like spread and topped with tomato, onions and green chillies. Basically this is thick dosa with toppings. This is also served with sambhar and chutney.

Dahi wada:

Words felt short to describe this amazing thing they served. The same sweetened masala curd was used with wada in it. And yes, the wada goes better with dahi rather than idli. Everything was perfect about the dish, curd, soft wada and the combination surely was bomb to the taste buds.

Mini Basil dosa:

This dosa was served with delicious tomato basil dip along with ratatouille. This was my very first time I had this and just cannot give my judgement. But yes, I loved it for sure. The taste was perfect for me. The combination and proportion of ingredients was just perfect that we left dosa aside and finished this first.

Green Garlic Dosa:

Green garlic dosa with tofu, bok choy and peanuts was served with basil pesto sauce. This was another great fusion dish we tried here. This was ordered twice on the table and was second favourite after medu wada.

Bisi bele bath:

Yet another typical south Indian dish served with fried papad and tangy pickle. This was as it was supposed to be. I have had this several times while I was in south and the taste I felt was perfect and authentic.

Filter Coffee:

Who says NO to coffee? And when it’s filter coffee. Yes, another best thing which should bring you here to this outlet.

Overall, it was a very good experience. Medu wada, Mysore masala and some fusion variants added tip to the taste buds.

Thank you Social Maffia for inviting us and team Dakshin Rasoi for hosting us.

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