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Getting social is the best thing you can experience. Be it friends, family or any known or unknown person it definitely lights up your mood.

If the place itself is social, a place where you can relax, work, enjoy, what else you need more?
Social has finally opened its door to Pune (Phoenix market city, Viman Nagar) public after being successful in many other cities.

Well, they definitely have got some dope ambiance. They have not used any fancy items to decorate their interiors. Rather, they have tried to use maximum of local items from the local nearby shops. They have used thins like plastic baskets, neon lights, post box designs, etc.

They have different types of seating which will amaze you for sure. Normal table and chair seating, then the same seating on stairs facing a big screen where live sports is screened. Also they have working area seating where bean bags are kept on a big net directly above the ground seating.


Chef Sharad heads their kitchen and has designed the menu for the restaurant. They also have a full bar available which will satisfy your urge for drinks. And they are well trained that they can make drink according to your needs.
They made Thai Maalish especially for us as we demanded without sugar cocktail. It had kaffir lime in it and I am not a fan of it and hence didn’t like it. But if you like kaffir lime, do opt that drink as it might really turn good for you.
Then starters started pouring in one by one on our table.

Jalapeno Cheese Nads:
These nads were really yum. The amount of cheese and jalapeno were perfect. The smoothness of cheese inside and the golden fried crisp outside made it taste heavenly. #HighlyRecommended

This dish had croquettes made out of potatoes, cheese and corn. I found it tad dry for my taste buds. Well, not a recommend for sure.

They have derived this name from combination of Awesome plus Samosas. Not only name but the taste did justice to the name. Mushrooms and pizza sauce were used as stuffing which came out to be a brilliant combo.
The Puraani Dilli Chaat Walk:
This was the most loved dish on the table as everyone was street food lover. It had 4 dishes viz. Rajkachori, SPDP, Dahi bhalla and Pani puri. Everything on the plate was delicious and had authentic street food taste.

Chooza 69:
Chicken lollypops skewered in a steel rod were made in Hyderabadi style and spices. It was the second most loved dish on the table. And yes, it was something different we had made out of chicken.

Chicken Nachos:
Simple nachos when met with chicken the outcome made everyone drooling for them. This was ordered second time on the table and was combined with every others favorite drink.

Chicken Magic Kebab and Old School Chicken Tikka made their grillicious appearance to the table. Both were delicious to have and had perfect blend of flavors.

The Aslam Butter tikka Sizzler which had buttery marinated chicken served with onions, green chilies and toast. A well-made chicken with perfect taste is always a delight for foodies.

Anda Mutton Seekh Paratha was the Malabari paratha with stuffed egg omelet and served along with mutton seekh kebabs. This was another delicious dish on the table and loved by everyone. The combination of paratha and egg was another level and mutton seekh kebab proved to be cherry on the cake.

Mains had two dishes viz. The Chili Chicken Black Pepper China box and the Black Label Butter Chicken. I loved the chili chicken black pepper china box; it had peppery chicken chunks and the perfect combination of spices and perfectly made noodles. While, the black-label butter chicken was nothing but the authentic butter chicken poured with some burning black label. I some-how didn’t like the concept of alcohol on this lovely dish which would have been much better without alcohol.

A big shout-out and thank you to Svetlana (Carpe Diem, Pune) for extending the invite and Team Social for hosting us.

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