Friends – Beats of our Heart

We often hear that this area in that city is a very happening place to goof up with friends, to just roam around, has many options to eat or has a lovely crowd. I think this is a myth. The most happening place, I think in the world is the campus where we study. Be it school, junior college or senior. This is the place where we start networking with people from different places, different cultures, different backgrounds, etc. Everybody has their own stories. Some of them come to pursue their dreams whilst some to make their parents proud and to lead better lives for them.

What else can be more delightful than this? Nothing!

We experience the best in our life. We create memories to cherish for life. We make friends, best buddies with whom we can share our hearts out. We go for visits, outings to make bonds stronger. Lectures, guest lectures, mass bunks and many uncountable things. We get to know the world from a different perspective. We get to know the things in and around the world. We become more responsible towards our duties.

This is the fun we experience. The campus experience cannot be expressed in just one page. Everybody has their own experiences. There are just too many chunks and not enough limit to write them all down in one article.