Cafe Peterdonuts – Pimple Nilakh

Catching up with friends means endless talks and gossip. We often tend to lose track of time but unfortunately not all places understand this. But, Café Peterdonuts does.

Yes, you get everything right at one place. Unlimited Wi-Fi, Unlimited fun and endless gossips.

Café Peterdonuts have multiple outlets all over Pune. Recently I was invited for lunch at Pimple Nilakh outlet.


Café Peterdonuts has same ambiance over all the outlets. Red coloured wall with square transparent glasses partitioning outside and inside seating. Outside seating has few tables and a single sofa seating, while there is a spacious and cosy inside seating. A small private sofa seating for your group and nicely arranged tables to chill out.

The best thing about this café is that they have a power plug for your devices, so that you can never run out of power while you work at the café. And yes, they have free Wi-Fi too.


They specialize in Korean dessert but this time I decided to try some other dishes they serve.

Cheese Chilly toast:

Triangular shaped garlic bread slice topped with too much cheese, jalapeno and green chillies. It was served with a dip which consisted of chopped red chillies soaked in vinegar. Bread slices tasted very delicious without dip. I found that the dip abridged the taste of garlic bread. I would prefer to avoid dip.


African Omelette (open-face):

Well, this is something I have never had. The omelette name amazed me and hence was the reason it was on my table. Minced spicy chicken filled in sunny side up egg preparation, served with potato wedges, garlic wedges, garlic tomatoes and a small bowl of beans. For me the combination didn’t go well. Somewhere chicken was taking away the beauty which sunny side up omelette possesses. On the other side, potato wedges were perfect to its core and beans


Satay Chicken:

Grilled chicken skewer marinated in Thai red paste with coconut milk. Nothing much to tell about this dish as it disappointed us.  It was very dry and Thai red paste did add some spiciness but still didn’t live up to the mark. Also no traces of coconut milk felt till I hardly gulped down the chicken.


Veg. Exotica Pizza:

It was supposed to be thin breaded pizza with tangy sauce and topped with shredded mozzarella and some exotic veggies. First of all there were negligible amount of veggies topped. Yes, it had cheese but the crust was thick instead. Nothing much to describe as we left the whole pizza as it is after having first bite.


Cream Cheese Garlic Ramen:

It was garlic and cheese flavoured soupy thick ramen. This was a good to go option. If you are hungry and in a hurry, this is the dish you order as the serving time is less and you can finish it in no time because it really tastes good.


Premium Cake-Fruit BingSU:

BingSu is a Korean speciality. You can relate this to snow gola which is every Indian favourite. This one had soft snow served with cheesecake which didn’t taste like one, mixed fruits, whipped cream and ice-cream covered with generous amount of milkmaid and rich chocolate syrup.



Overall, it is a nice place for a long and comfortable talk with your near and dear ones. Also if you need a place to do your office work, this is the place as it has free Wi-Fi and power plugs adjacent to almost each and every tables.

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