Cabaret – Something different to the taste buds!

CABARET in layman terms means entertainment held in a nightclub or restaurant while the audience eat or drink at their tables.

Here at cabaret their entertainment means food. I was enjoying their korean entertainment recently.

They serve korean food. Yes, you heard that right!

It is always joyous to try out different cuisine. It makes my Taste buds happy.


First thing that attracts is the entrance. They have set up nice entrance with attractive doors and entry at the middle with shiny bulbs hanging above.

They have an Inside seating with comfortable chairs and couches.

They have a big screen which shows fashion channel and Nice music plays in the background.


Korean food hardly has anything vegetarian. This is India so you should have some alternatives of korean food for veg lovers without altering their taste or nature.

Cabaret has been successful in doing what was needed, Kudos!

  • Veg. Kimbob / Kimbab / kimbap / gimbap:- Cooked rice rolled in kim (gim—dried sheets of laver seaweed) and served in bite-size slices. Being a veg dish it had some vegetables in the middle.
  • It really didn’t go well the vegetarian way. I felt something was lacking in the dish. It was so dry and nothing served with it. #Not recommended

  • Egg Kimbob / Kimbab / kimbap / gimbap:- Cooked rice rolled in kim (gim—dried sheets of laver seaweed) and served in bite-size slices. But obviously it had egg stuffing.
  • Compared to the Veg version, this was better. It was not as dry as the veg one. Though egg stuffing was less it can surely be ordered.

  • Chicken Kimbob / Kimbab / kimbap / gimbap:- Cooked rice rolled in kim (gim—dried sheets of laver seaweed) and served in bite-size slices. Chicken comes to the rescue here.
  • The best among the three. Nicely cooked chicken stuffing. It was delectable. #Highly recommended

  • Kimchi Ramen Hot and Spicy:- This can be something great to start with. Perfectly made beauty.

  • Jjampong Chicken:- This is another beauty that can be started with. It had fish traces in it. A yes yes for this soup. I personally liked Kimchi Ramen more than Jjampong chicken.

  • Paneer Bulgogi:- Spread on the lettuce were Paneer topped with some spiced cabbage and carrot. At the top was the spicy gochujang sauce.
  • Even though the presentation was good it lacked taste. Paneer being the main ingredient was very hard which was not at all acceptable. #Not recommended.

  • Chicken Bulgogi:- Spread on the lettuce were Chicken topped with some spiced cabbage and carrot. At the top was the spicy gochujang sauce.
  • Even in this dish chicken being the captain was not a good show.

  • Roast Paneer:- To be honest I was trying to find a difference between Paneer bulgogi and Roast panner & I just found one. Differnece in colour of paneer. Paneer here was only roasted and other ingredients being same as Paneer bulgogi.
  • This dish was not satisfying though. Same al-dente paneer.

  • Roast Chicken:- Same trend continued between Chicken bulgogi and Roast chicken. Only colour difference for the chicken.
  • To my mere surprise chicken here was not that hardened. Finally a good dish to eat.

  • Kimchi Fried Rice Veg:- You sure will start groaking when this dish is served to your neighbour. Simple yet amazing. Amazing option for the vegetarians.
  • Properly cooked fried rice served with hot and crispy french fries. Rice tasted yum, so did the fries. Highly recommended for veg lovers.

  • Kimchi Fried Rice Chicken:- Yes this can be the dish to satisfy your hunger pangs. Delicious Chicken fried rice served with crispy fries. Boiled Egg sits atop here.
  • Yes, this can be your pick for the great evening to start with.

  • Veg Bibimbap with Rice / Noodles:- Diverse spread of veggies with base as rice or noodles (your choice).
  • On top sits carrot, capsicum, zucchini, lettuce, onions, gochujang sauce.
  • This is yet another scrumptious option for the vegetarians. It looks healthy and tastes healthy.

  • Chicken Bibimbap with Rice / Noodles:- With chicken as an option you get the chicken topping as an add on.
  • It is same as veg bibimbap. Only difference lies in the delicious chicken topping which is added.
  • Same choice of base here.

  • Veg / Chicken SSAM meal:- This meal is served with steamed rice. Spiced onion and tomato salad along with spiced cabbage salad.
  • Paneer is the base for veg meal and chicken for non-veg.
  • This combination really goes well for both.
  • Rice cooked perfectly. Chicken / Paneer goes well with the rice. To add some spice to the dish, the salad serves its purpose.

  • Desserts:-


  • Crape pastry:- Layered cake pastry with melted chocolate on the top.
  • This was a dissatisfied stop for the dessert. Unable to have pastry with spoon or fork. Layers came down as soon as we tried to eat it with fork or spoon.
  • Taste-wise only the top melted chocolate looked tempting and was tasty. Overall not the dessert to finish with.

  • Gulab Jamun Tart:- Yes, this is the perfect dessert to hog on.
  • Tart filled with yummy vanilla ice-cream and topped with delicious gulab jamun.
  • Combination was perfect to the taste buds. Everything was fresh and yum.
  • Highly recommended to end the evening on a sweet note.

  • Time for some Refreshing Mocktails:-


  • Virgin Pinacolada:- The mocktail with fresh pineapple juice and coconut milk. It can be the perfect start for the evening if you like coconut and pineapple base.

  • Orange Cilantro:- The Spicy mocktail in the house. Orange serves as a sweet base whilst the chilli will spice you up.

  • Cape Cucumber Cooler:- The most refreshing mocktail of the evening. The perfect combination of cucumber and mint to open your brain cells wide open.

  • Fruit Melody:- The fruit punch at the table. Too much on the sweet side. Not the satisfying one.

  • Chocolate Monk:- This was more of chocolate milkshake sprinkled with more chocolate on the top. The perfectly made mocktail with lots of love.


To sum it up I would say the experience with Korean food was totally different and awesome. Yes some dishes didn’t live up to the expectations but others covered it well.

A must try experience at the CABARET, Baner, Pune.


  • I was called for the food tasting on the occasion of special Korean food fest at the restaurant.
  • These are my personal views. You are most welcome to accept or deny on the same.


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