Basilia Delicatessen – Monster Pizzas

The number of small food joints is on the rise. They are offering basic food with a twist. And well I love to uncover such small places when it comes to food for they have so  much to offer .

Simplicity is the main thing which makes food delicious. Unnecessary adulteration sometimes proves to be disastrous.

Recently I got a chance to taste the newly opened pizza place “Basilia Deli” at Pimple Saudagar.

They are known for their humungous 20 inches Monster pizzas.


It is a very small outlet with only four tables accompanied with sofa cushions and bench seatings. They also have wall faced seating inside with high chairs which can accommodate few hungry souls.


As I said they are famous for their Monster pizzas but they also serve some good pasta, fries and some amazing freak shakes as well.

To start off we were served with fries:

  • Lebanese Fries: It had spiciness of sriracha and jalapeno sauce with some taste twister by adding some cheese to it. The combination was perfect for me. It had the perfect balance of spicy and cheesy taste. #Recommended
  • Asian Confusion Fries: This variant was a bit high on the spicy side as it had Schezwan sauce and Piri Piri mayo. Well it was a good to go if you like spicy but the combination didn’t work for me.

Now it was time for some PIZZAS:

We tasted 4 of their signature pizzas (all thin crust):

  • The Messy Riddler: This was a very unusual pizza I have ever had. The toppings were lettuce and nachos decorated with Piri Piri Mayo. Unusual but I loved it. The crisp of thin crust and nachos with the lettuce tasted really good and delicious.
  • Meat God: Too much cheese on the crust, which is pure bliss. Bite sized meat and capsicum used as toppings. Amount of toppings were less and pizza tasted more of cheese pizza and didn’t do justiceto  its name, Meat God.
  • Naples: Same thing continued with the amount of topping and cheese. Broccoli and zucchini were used as toppings. It really didn’t live up to the expectations. I only felt cheese and some red sauce.
  • Le Epinard: And finally another unusual pizza came along. The base was Alfredo sauce spread with cherry tomatoes, spinach and garlic toppings. This was the best pizza I have had in recent times. The pasta sauce with pizza base was the perfect combo to the taste buds.

Pasta made their way now:

  • Cremede pomodoro: It was pink sauce pasta with bite size chicken pieces, mushrooms and other exotic veggies. Pasta lacked the authenticity of its taste.
  • Mac N Cheese: Well this was no good Mac n Cheese. It had grated orange cheddar as topping. This is not recommended at all.

Dessert time:

  • Hot Chocolate: Regular hot chocolate served with caramelised marshmallow. They burn the marshmallow with flame which makes it very smoky and bitter to have with hot chocolate. I would either have marshmallow without burning them or better avoid it.
  • Ferraro Rocher freak shake: Freak Shake are heavy and act as complete meal. The case stands similar here. The freak shake was pretty decent in taste and was finished by us in no time.

Thank you Akshay Agarwal (Owner), Surya Sharma and Team Basilia Delicatessen for the wonderful experience.


Parking: Road Side parking for 2 & 4 wheeler available

Operation Hours: Monday to Friday: 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., Saturday & Sunday: 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. and Tuesday Closed.

Average Cost: INR 400 for 2 (Exclusive of taxes and charges)

Address: 6, Castalia, Near Govind Garden Chowk, Opposite Max Care Hospital, Pimple Saudagar, Pune.


  • I was called for the Complementary food tasting at the restaurant.
  • These are my personal views. You are most welcome to accept or deny on the same


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