A Royal Treat from Behrouz Biryani

Let the lost be discovered for that will bring out the origin. This is what behrouz biryani claims to have done. The recipe for then called layered rice, now biryani, from the lost city of behrouz, a 2000 year old recipe, rediscovered.

How is their delivery?

Behrouz Biryani is the Home Delivery Only outlet located in many cities with number of outlets. They are available on every other online mobile ordering applications. They have their own dedicated mobile application through which we can order their delicacies. We can also order from their website. Their website is beautifully designed to capture your attention. Also they have a small story about behrouz which is perfectly presented and nicely written in small chapters.

Recently, I received a complimentary meal from Behrouz Biryani as part of their review program.

I had ordered Subz-E-Falafel Biryani (Regular) and I received my order 30 minutes before promised time.

How was the packaging?

An outer black rectangular box enclosed one small black box containing biryani and two small round cup size boxes with Raita and Gulab Jamun. Accompanied with a spoon and mouth freshener from Natures.


Subz-E-Falafel Biryani [(Regular) (Rs. 290/-)]

The biryani was delicious!

Rice were long and fragrant. It was layered with freshly diced vegetables. While Falafel tikkis hid inside and topped with crushed almond.

Perfectly cooked rice with right amount of seasoning and spices to it. Falafel tikkis were bit hard but delectable.

Raita was bit sour but tasted yum with biryani. Gulab Jamun was hot, soft enough to melt in your mouth and nothing less than delicious.

It turned out to be a perfect hot meal for dinner with the secret spices from the Royal Kitchen.

A big thank you to Sayali Kalsekar and Behrouz team for delivering this delicacy to me.

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